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Buy 1 OZ. Slickoleum Grease
Slickoleum 1 ounce hinge top
$5.14 each
Our 1 ounce hinge top container is 2 inches in diameter and 1 inch tall. Perfect pocket size and convenient for just about anything.
Item# S1oz-C
Shipping cost: $3.15 USA
World Wide shipping: First Class Service International Package.
Canada and Mexico. $6.25
All other countries $10.31
Buy Slickoleum 15 ounce Tub
Slickoleum 15 ounce Tub
Our 15 ounce tub is 4.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. (contents 15 ounces)

item# S15oz
Shipping cost: $10.55 USA only
World Wide shipping, very expensive. Consider buying 1 to 6 tubs for better shipping rates.
Canada and Mexico. $15.50
All other countries $71.95 for up to 6 tubs.
If you order 3 to 6 tubs, Flat rate shipping costs will apply. ($13.60 USA)


Buy Slickoleum 1 gallon pail
Slickoleum 1 gallon pail
One gallon plastic pail. (contents 7.5 pounds)

item# S128oz
Shipping cost: $13.60 USA only


Buy Slickoleum 5 gallon bucket
Slickoleum 5 gallon bucket (contents 35 pounds)
5 gallon bucket

item# S35bkt
please email us at sales@slickoleum.com


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